posted on: Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Over the weekend, Brooklyn had one of the most beautiful and exciting festivals it hosts (in my opinion) every summer, Afropunk Festival. I considered attending this summer, but decided that I needed a quieter weekend. 

Despite my lack of attendance, I'm still utterly obsessed with the images that have been released. The outfits were inspiring, the hair was beautiful, the patterns and shapes were thrilling. Here are a few images that I loved.

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Are You A Good Road Trip Passenger?

Over the weekend, we decided to head to Long Island to stay with some good friends of ours. Their home is stunning, and we had the most relaxing time. Since I don't drive, Peter drove us out. Lately, I've been making an effort to be a better passenger; no complaining, no bright phone screen, and no sleeping! I fall asleep as soon as a car starts to move-just like my kids. In all of our years together, Peter has never complained about my sleepy habit. But, in an effort to change, I've been trying to be more helpful with road trips.

During this trip, I fell asleep on the way there, with the kids. But on the way back, I stayed awake! I'm really proud of myself, even though it's all rather silly. Peter said the trip felt much easier because I stayed awake; which made me feel excited and a bit nervous. How will I keep this up for every trip going forward?

What do you do to stay awake during road trips? We have another trip very soon, and I would love some tips.


Motherhood This Week

posted on: Friday, August 21, 2015

This week was busy and long, and as we bounced in-between the doctor's office for stitches and dehydration, and well check-ups and made the pharmacist our friend, time slowed for a bit. Despite the business of it all, and the pure manic that seemed to overtake me from time to time as I struggled to juggle all of motherhood, I fell completely in-love with my children deeper than before.

I find it strangely familiar and bizarre that as a mother, each day is new and filled with so much endless love. Despite the hiccups, we're willing to pull up our boots and slash through the mess of life with tenacity and love. At any given moment, whenever we are called, all dreams and goals, and plans are dropped. Not only because they need us... but because, we need them.

In these moments, we are more than vessels, but continuous forms of bright light and love in their little lives. We are reminded that as our hearts ache when days are tough and cuts are deep, our love grows times ten. In the rough times, we are reminded of our strength and that deep-gut-pull to mother.

These are my babies, and they are growing and time isn't waiting. This weekend is for slowing down and savoring every ounce of childhood I'm able to witness. I hope you have a good one.

How To Look Polished (Even When It's Hot!)

posted on: Thursday, August 20, 2015

The heat here lately in the city seams suffocating. Sweat and flushed faces are familiar scenes; while packed and soupy subway platforms are death traps. Don't even get me started on Broadway/Lafayette! Through it all, I am focusing on that fact that this season will sadly pass. Soon enough,  I'll look on these days of barely-there shorts and tanks with nostalgia, and curse the days of pea-coats and gray and gloomy slush trekking.

Each day must be taken and made ours. I'm determined to make each one beautiful and memorable, beyond the day's hiccups. I'm also set on not spending any extra moment on my make-up. With two little ones and the humidity, it's just silly.

Don't get me wrong, I'd still love a little facial coverage here and there. Something to make me look less tired and more pulled together. Over the summer I've been working on an easy application that does just that. Recently I even created a tutorial for A Beautiful Mess. I hope you enjoy it, and let me know if you give it a go!


posted on: Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Yes, no shame going on up in here, I wore this dress two days in a row. See here's the deal; I purchased it specifically for the Jazz Age Lawn Party, for a cool $15. It was light, it was pretty, in the theme, and comfortable. More than anything, I knew I could wear it beyond the party. It's a rule I always follow, and that I tell my clients when shopping with them. Imagine the piece beyond the first day. How are you going to wear it? Where are you going to where it? How often? etc. Following this helps keep the cap on your closet, and makes getting dressed faster and more satisfying. With a tie of a belt and my new Pumas, the dress felt entirely different.

Vintage dress| Puma x Saint Heron sneakers| vintage belt
Oak- Pacifier| Sandals| Onesie 

Jazz Age Lawn Party

On Saturday, we went on a little daycation to Governors Island for the Jazz Age Lawn Party, and we had the time of our lives. It's Monday, and we are still floating on the high of the weekend. It was a full one, and at risk of sounding totally cliche; the day was magical.

The costumes, the music, the food, the dancing, the people! Oh, the people. A few days before the party, I was feeling a bit down about missing one of my friends who came for a short visit, and being in New York just got me down. Not because I don't love it here... I do. But I find it difficult to navigate saying goodbye over and over again to my friends who move. It has only made our relationships stronger, and the visits that much sweeter.  After reading the comments on my instagram, I realized that my feelings were common. No matter how much you love the city, it sucks saying goodbye to your girls.

With that said, I don't want to be anywhere but here. It's pure magic here, and as ridiculous as it sounds to some who might not live here or who live here and are totally over it, I feel it. I always feel it! The moments in which I don't, they feel foreign. The only cure to those feelings at times; is to be active or simply look at my kids.

My kids are a reminder of the beauty of New York City. The way we constantly forget that I'm black and Peter is white. The way our kids see kids that look just like them, and different, and it's their normal. We never feel different here, ever. We aren't. We shouldn't. And truthfully, at times, when traveling, we've felt different. Not in a bad way per se, but just in a elephant in a china shop kind of way.

More than anything, like one person mentioned on instagram, being there together was also a reminder of how far we've come. I know things don't feel like it with such horrific things happening this year, but at the party, I was reminded. Even if for a day.

I'm so thankful to New York City, and the way it forces you to hop on a boat and dance in a pool of sweat with thousands of strangers. Life is so good.

Okay, was that enough of a ramble? Yes. Onward! A ton of pictures behind the cut to keep rolling in the magic that was the Jazz Age Lawn Party!