We'll Take The Summer

posted on: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Last week, River had her pre-school graduation. During her ceremony, she recited poems and signed songs, and I became extremely watery eyed. Okay, I was crying. I held onto Oak, and as he continually reached-out in an attempt to grab River from her steady place amongst her peers, there went another tear from my eye. I tried to wipe each one casually, in fear of freaking her out. It's time to head to pre-k; to a "big girl school," with new teachers and new friends. So many adventures await.

There were many emotions that hit me over the course of these past few weeks leading up to her graduation, and after her graduation. Initially, I was met with fear. Fear of the unknown for my sweet girl. Now, I am truly feeling so much gratitude and joy. I'm thankful and joyful because, this summer is just beginning. Somehow, I'm finding peace in knowing that is the last summer where reading lists and summer homework packets are not required. The thought alone, gets my bones itching for adventure. She has no idea what elementary school has in store for her; truthfully, neither do I. But what I do know is this; this summer is ours to take, and we've already gotten started.

Style Your Smile| Orange | 02

posted on: Friday, June 26, 2015

There's a definitive sense of ease and style, when someone proudly wears overalls. Many years ago, wearing a baggy pair of overalls and toting around two young children, had to have some definition of your overall being as mother. There was always a looming sense of a mama wearing them because she was too tired. Or maybe, she was running to her kid's soccer game? Overalls, even though they lend to those tired and errand days, they're now worn with much more awareness. They're often paired with a flouncy blouse to offset their casual sense, and some sort of heel to signify they're being worn into the evening. Even though I personally bounce around between the flouncy blouse days and heel nights, I often have trouble just wearing them with a pair of kicks.

See, for me, wearing a pair of overalls with sneakers, or dare I say Birks, means you've definitely bitten the bullet. You're wearing them confidently 'cuz they're in, but you care zero, or maybe a smidgen, if they're not styled to perfection. No one has time for that, sort of mood. I get it. What I've realized during this tiny adventure of adapting brighter lips (in this case, orange lips) to my, and your, (sometimes) daily routine is this; a little color has the God-like power to pull you out of it! With color, the rut just doesn't exist, neither does the need to be styled to perfection. Kicks and overalls can be done without feeling like you've totally given up.

4 Years Of Love

posted on: Thursday, June 25, 2015

I met Peter on the cusp of summer 2009, it feels like forever ago, yet still so very near. We met in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where all of our life's happenings would be birthed for some time; unbeknownst to us. He worked at a popular pizza place, known for it's vegan pizza and outlandish takes on pizza decor. Peter, by all accounts, chased me down. I was reluctant for his love, because truthfully, who knows that sort of thing as a teenager, but it was the best thing for me. For us.

Since we both had to work today, we celebrated our anniversary yesterday. We did old and easy things that we both love to do. Things we did during our first summer together, and have loved doing ever since. We cried and we talked, and I left feeling all these new and amazing feelings about my husband. It's weird that after four years, each year, as new challenges arrive, and new beautiful things happen, I find myself with a new-found love for him. It's never the same, and no one ever told me that. There are different forms of our love; all beautiful in their own right.

All Cleaned Up

posted on: Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A few weeks ago, I took down latonyayvette.com to clean up the design of it, and add a bit more of what I've been doing lately. After taking it down, I totally forgot to switch it back to public viewing. Yikes! Anyway, it's up! I realized that the way it was set up before, was actually too difficult to navigate and continually upload new projects and collaborations to. The more I work on various things besides this blog, the more I realize that it's imperative to have a place where these things live (besides the blog). I will be adding more within the next few weeks, as more collaborations and styling jobs are finally released.

If you have a minute, I'd love for you to go take a peek. And for those of you who kindly emailed me with concerns, thank you!