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Style: How To Dress Amazing When You're Super Busy & Not A Millionaire

posted on: Friday, July 29, 2016

Yesterday, my feature for Refinery 29 came out. I had so much fun sharing styling tips like layering, and colorful garments as staples. There are some mom-friendly things in there as well! Most of you know that I'm not a millionaire- not even close, so its always good to get some of these ideas and silly money and style stigmas across on a larger platform than my own. I keep thinking about the possibility that there may be one younger girl reading and watching, and possibly not feeling great about herself, and looking to these answers as motivation. I was her when I was younger. Clothes became my outlet. There is a real economic problem, and no, clothes won't change that. But looking and feeling good on a tiny or no-budget at all, can really boost someone's confidence.

You can read the full article right here! Thank you Refinery 29 for having me.

Thinking & Playing Before Dark

posted on: Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We aren’t precious about our toys; not precious about much that belongs to the kids, really—only passed-down vintage clothes. We have two baskets for the kids: One for stuffed animals, most of which have been around for their entire lives or even before they were born; and the other, a combination of gifts we’ve kept over the years or things River has purchased with her own allowance. Even on Christmas, we give one or two toys each. Less is more.

Truthfully, I didn’t think I would have this approach to children’s toys. I always had a lot, shared with my siblings, and loved the way it felt to unwrap a something new. I’ve gotten pickier as I’ve grown older, and I notice what my own kids do and don’t play with, what takes up space but isn’t used. River isn’t a real independent player and Oak is, so it’s wonderful to also see how their minds work so differently while playing. Oak will find a toy and a corner and have at it. River wants me down on the floor, interacting, and imagining whatever voices and characters come out of our collective imaginations. When Fisher-Price reached out to me and asked if I wanted to give their Think & Learn Code-a- Pillar a try, I said yes. We hadn’t bought any new toys in a while, and the way the Code-a-Pillar would require their very different minds to think critically, intrigued me.

Almost every night this summer, around 6:30 pm, when the sun is still shining bright and the kids have had their baths and are preparing to eat their dinner, I feel just a tad guilty. The sun’s movement doesn’t match their bodies’ internal clocks, and I’m left with the conflict a lot of mothers face in the summer: “Do I keep them up?” If it’s been an easy day, the answer is usually yes. We play a little more, read a little more, maybe we even build a fort. And on the night Code-a-Pillar arrived, it was so beautiful to see the kids’ excitement as I told them we weren’t reading, we weren’t building, we were going outside one last time to play with this new toy.

The named their Code-a-Pillar LuLu LaLa, and they thought about and interacted with her equally. It was kind of surprising actually, considering their age difference. River would take the lead, showing Oak how LuLu LaLa would move there and here, depending on how he arranged her parts. A few times, they would take it all apart, press her buttons, and start again. Oak was the bait, River started her up, and LuLu LaLa would begin her short journey to Oak.

And here’s what I found most wonderful: We were in the middle of the city, past the kids’ bedtime, on some sidewalk, sirens going, dogs barking, and there are my children, 100 percent invested, thinking critically and problem solving, with their little minds expanding as they play. I could stand back and see it, theirs and LuLu LaLa’s wheels spinning together.

(Thank you Fisher Price for sending us the Think & Learn Code-a-Pillar, and for partnering with us for this post.)

Motherhood Right Now

posted on: Monday, July 25, 2016

Motherhood right now is hour by hour, minute by minute. My eyes see only the cuts on their knees and the tans on their toes. Oak's are speckled squares, evidence of the Natives he wears day in and day out. River's are diagonal in form, a combination of her Saltwaters and the flip-flops she refuses to part with.

The days are hot, hot, hot; and the house is stale and messy. I am often reminded in its state something my neighbor said to me one afternoon, after I apologized for our home's condition: "You are living. That's what this is." And what a glorious gift of a sentiment. So motherhood right now is living. There are no two ways about it.

This is surely the last summer River's body will curl into mine and feel just as her newborn days. Her legs will reach past mine and arms will stretch out further off of the frame of my bed. This winter we will bundle and try our best to hole up tight in our little apartment. We will watch movies in the evening until she falls asleep in my arms. And as winter's grand finale, she will blow out six candles atop her strawberry cake and ring in the year with gusto.

Until that distinct chill enters the city, motherhood and me will bask in summer's offering: smaller children in my bed at the end of a sweaty adventure, tiny bodies curled into mine own, little legs wrapped around my legs. Dark spiral curls to kissing my nose and her every breath touching my hand as she doses off to sleep like a baby still. Her arm won't stretch too far beyond the bed frame--just yet.

Motherhood right now is a single moment of summer haze wrapped in joy. Simply and gloriously so, motherhood right now is living. What a gift.

Have A Fun Weekend!

posted on: Friday, July 22, 2016

How was your week? Didn't it go by SO fast? It feels like we were just greeting it and listing the many things we needed to do. In it's closing, I've only completed about 20% of my list. It was an eventful and exciting week anyway. I even styled the windows at Tictail Market, and hosted a pretty amazing party to celebrate it. Thank you again to all who came and danced with me that night!

It will be hot hot hot here this weekend, so we plan on hitting up the pool first thing in the morning, and then taking it easy. Cleaning, ordering groceries, and going through our stack of junk mail are the few things on my list. I also plan on doing some writing, and will have some more thoughts on motherhood right now for you all to read next week. My friend suggested that I get more videos up, and I would love to. Anything you'd want to hear or questions you have?

P.S I remembered how much I loved double-dutch when I was younger, and now I'm planning a BBQ and double dutch party! We used to tie one end to my grandmother's front gate when we didn't have a third person. I really can't wait. THIS VIDEO too.

Bonus: Nordstrom's anniversary sale is happening through the weekend, if you haven't hopped on over there.

Have a fun one!

Style: The Sandals That Changed My Life

posted on: Thursday, July 21, 2016

 You've read that correctly...