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Style: Clogs and Derbys

posted on: Wednesday, May 4, 2016

To be a mother, I talk about it so often, and sometimes, the words escape me. Motherhood is full of lessons, big and small. As I type this, Oak has yogurt smothered on his face and is about to climb up a chair. River is at school, and Peter is typing up today's to-do list which is far too long and too detailed. Motherhood and parenthood is filled with chaos 90% of the time for us. And yet, there is no other way I see myself juggling the role. 

To celebrate the day, which I think we can all agree should be celebrated everyday, I've teamed up with Bryr Clogs and Mason Dixon Made....

Words For Motherhood

posted on: Monday, May 2, 2016

In celebration of motherhood and Mother's Day, I was asked to write a few articles on the topic for The Kitchn. You can find them here, here, and here. . I hope you all had a great weekend!

5 Things To Do + 5 Things to Give For Mother's Day

posted on: Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mother's Day is right around the corner! It sure snook up. While, I am well into my sixth year of motherhood, I have a few good friends that are pregnant or bringing babies into the world any day now. It's a special time.  I feel like I can be both helpful and loving, while sharing a little bit of my very own lessons when asked. And though, motherhood looks and feels so very different for each and every mother; most of us can agree that it's full of magic, sleep-deprivation, and connectivity to this new sense of self, partner, baby, and those around us.

When you consider all of this, gifting a new mother this Mother's Day can feel a little intimidating.

Here are 5 things you can do for free for a new mother this Mother's Day, accompanied by 5 things to purchase along with the act if you so choose...

Plum Organics Vegetable Mac & Cheese

posted on: Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Oak's eating habits have been the topic of conversation on this blog for some time. Equally, it tends to be the topic of conversation on the playground as well. Often, I find myself comparing sleeping and eating notes with other moms. Thankfully, Oak loves whole foods and real meals. Even when I consider this, we still like to find little ways to insert healthy things into his daily meals just so he doesn't begin to recognize and unfortunately, refuse greens and veggies in his diet.

On Letting Go And Closing Doors

posted on: Monday, April 25, 2016

One box.
Then another. 
There are papers to sort and dishes to wrap. The kids' room is almost empty and my mind has mentally checked out of this home. Occasionally, I'll dust a corner and think of the tiny steps Oak very- stubbornly took. In the other corner; a dent formed from River bumping the wall far too often. I think about the laughs and the late night dance parties in the living room. These memories erect tears from my eyes and a tug like no other on my heart. I am overcome.

And then, as I walk down our street, I can literally feel the energy shift. I can feel unclaimed baggage finding their rightful owner, leaving me, leaving my family, and we enter into a new era. One of a clean slate. I'm eager to leave the difficult bits behind; the time I laid on the couch, in grief over our baby now in heaven, and the nights newborn hood seemed so taxing on our marriage. Though the door now closes on those moments, I'll never forget them. They've made me the person who now writes this; stronger, wiser, and softer. They've made me aware of life's fragility, and given me unmatched joy too. And yet, it's time for me to let them go and close the door. I'm ready.