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posted on: Wednesday, March 25, 2015

When I think about what I'd like to wear everyday at home; something that will make me feel beautiful, relaxed, and yes... sexy, I bounce around between a muu muu, a good tee, and a good jean. These are generally things that can seem anything but sexy at first, but not to me. A muu muu screams comfort, but also confidence and ease. Fitting denim is easy and stylish, and yet, incredibly relaxing, and will translate to any activity.

T-shirt- Old H&M| Denim- Vintage (similar)| Earrings- Gift (similar)| Rings- Vintage

Spring Break in Miami

posted on: Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We've never been ones to really celebrate spring break. I skipped that entire portion of young adulthood, where you fly off to Mexico for a week and get particularly drunk and have the time of your life. Spring break now 'a days are simple weekends away. And truthfully, even though the partying weekends sound pretty fantastic once in the blue moon, I wouldn't trade the short and sweet weekends away as a family for anything.

When Bugaboo and Kid & Coe reached out to me seeing if we wanted to go away for a simple and relaxing weekend, we of course said yes. Our Bugaboo Bee was one of River's first strollers, and having the new Bugaboo Bee 3 for baby Oak, seemed like a natural progression of our relationship and our family. If you haven't heard of Kid & Coe, they provide beautiful family friendly homes for families around the world. Their homes are furnished with beds, cribs, toys, and the like, to make your trip a smooth one with your little ones.

We left early on Monday morning (our weekend) to enjoy a few days in Miami Beach. The home we stayed in was just... beautiful. We were greeted with a fresh boutique of red roses, snacks for the next few days and a little present for River. Thank you sweet host!  It was a dream home! Both mornings we had the chance to sleep in and eat breakfast out in the backyard, beside the pool, right under the sun. Every time I saw River, she was usually carrying as many toys and stuffies as her little wiggly arms could hold at one time.
When we managed to pull ourselves away from the pool and toys, we went exploring around the neighborhood a bit. Both nights we watched the sunset as Oak slept in the stroller, and as River laid on Peter's shoulder. It was all rather romantic, and how I wish we could end every night that way. 

I think the part that we really loved the most, second to sunset watching, was being able to cook and eat in. Eating out on vacations is incredibly costly, and it was good to have a refrigerator to stock, and meals to create together. It left Peter and I both feeling incredibly secure with our trip budget.
Coming home was bitter sweet. On one hand, we were excited to get back into routine and greet spring, but on the other hand, we knew that it wouldn't be as warm as it was in Miami. I'm so thankful that I get to do these kinds of things with my kids and my husband, even if only for a few short days. Thank you Bugaboo and Kid & Coe for the generous accommodations that made this spring break weekend  possible!

Braided Headwrap Tutorial | Block Shop Textiles

posted on: Thursday, March 19, 2015

One of the frequent questions I receive is; "how did you style your head wrap?".  Many of you want to know how to create one and why I wear them so often. Today I'll be answering the style portion of these questions. I have a few go-to styles, and today's tutorial is an easy one. I like to call this one the "braided head wrap" because it looks like a braid in the front with its overlapping fabric.


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This post was in collaboration with Block Shop TextilesI'm wearing the Mosaic Scarf. Tutorial was shot and edited by Peter Staubs.

Lets Talk: Curves

posted on: Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It was 2010, the year before I had River, I was not so proudly wearing a size 4 and complaining about the fact that my stomach came over my jean button just a tad. If you'd asked me then, no, I wasn't curvy. I had a shape, but I wasn't considered curvy by any means. My days were spent working and hanging out with my curly haired boyfriend with the big glasses and blue eyes. My style consisted of high waisted jeans that fit perfectly around the butt and thighs and flared on the legs. My closet was full of almost the same thing with slight variations. Occasionally, you would see the blue skinny jean, and if you were lucky, even a black pair of skinnies. Mostly, perfectly proportioned wide legged denim though.

It was 2011, I had just had River and lost all but 5 pounds. The 5 pounds found a nice and comfy home in my tush. My hips had learned what they really could do and expanded a bit... er, a lot. The five pounds never went away, and in planning a DIY wedding with a newborn, I gained a few more pounds; which expanded those birthing hips and that little tush; it no longer remained little. High waisted-wide-legged denim still worked a bit of magic for me back then. It had a way of cinching everything in, while keeping me comfortable and statuesque-ish.

That was four years ago

Now, despite my persistence, I have a bit of hard time wearing wide-legged-high waisted pants. See, if we're talking honestly, my shape has curved exponentially; to my husband's excitement of course. ;) I'm still nursing and still waiting for these last 15 pregnancy pounds to find their way off of my body. It takes a certain kind of high waisted jean to fit me well. It has to have stretch, has to still be pretty forgiving in the tummy portion, and the list goes on. Having curves (a pear shape to be specific) just takes much more thought for me.

Here's the rundown:
Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans are great until they aren't so great. Here's the thing, if you're going to rock a pair of boyfriend jeans, they need to fit your butt and your thighs really well. If it ends up being baggy on one or the other, you risk looking wide.

Mom Jeans: Mom jeans are great for a girl looking to showcasing that beautiful bod. They pull in the waist, they lift the butt. But you will have a hard time finding a vintage pair. Vintage means no stretch... most of the time. So even though you love the vintage mom jean look, you'll have to purchase a replica stretch pair.

High waisted Skinnies-  If you're curvy and you're on the shorter side of the spectrum, get your jeans hemmed a little above the ankle. Showing a bit of your ankle with your high waisted jeans gives your figure an elongated look.

Wide Legged- I feel like the miss conception is that wide legged jeans are good for curvy girls. Not so much. Unless they're extremely high waisted, and/or you're tall, or you are wearing them with heels or a pointy toe flat. High waisted jeans, coupled with a shirt that's not tucked in makes a curvy girl look a little larger and sometimes, shapeless. When it comes to wide legged, the tighter on the upper portion... the better.

What style of denim do you like the most?