Your Postpartum Body

"and really loving it..."

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Style: Finally, A Perfect Hat

posted on: Wednesday, June 22, 2016

It's been years since I've truly enjoyed a hat. I wear them often, but most, if not all, require some sort of hair manipulation to pull off. Braids, twist, four-day old tuck under, you name it, I did it. This summer's hat comes with less chaos and more charm...

Style: A Surprising Favorite

posted on: Friday, June 17, 2016

 Recently, something bizarre has happened. All of the sudden, while rifling through vintage racks and my favorite websites for some easy summer staples, I've been drawn to one thing in particular...

On Really Loving Your Postpartum Body

posted on: Thursday, June 16, 2016

 Essay written by Sarah Ann Noel. 

I mean, when I declared that I was going to “age gracefully,” (you know, on that trip abroad where I was going au naturale in every way and was like 21 with the ability to roll out of bed and leave the house with no make-up, no bra, and no cares?), I hadn’t taken into account that, for a woman, the strain on an aging body isn’t just from aging....

Father's Day Gift Guide

posted on: Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Father's Day always sneaks up on me. Between Peter's birthday, Oak's birthday, and our anniversary, June becomes one eventful and full month. With that said, if you're still pulling it together, here are a few things to buy for the special guy.

1.  A Linus Bike.  Or a any solo bike ride for that matter. Take the children's seats off, give hime him a few hours to bike anywhere he chooses, without obligations.

2. Herschel Supply Backpack. Much sexier than a diaper bag. It's also perfect for that solo bike ride. Pack a few essentials for the day; a sandwich, sunglasses, sunblock, and a canteen of water.

3. A Great Read. I often say that the greatest gift to a parent is time to read...alone. Pack this New York Times bestseller for the day too.

4. Fitbit. Speaking of sleep, a sleep tracker to make sure he's on top of his zzz's are a fantastic gift this holiday.

5. Harry's For J. Crew shave set. Because even though I love a little a good four day fluff, sometimes he doesn't.

6. New Kicks. To match the kiddos, of course.

How To Love

posted on: Monday, June 13, 2016

Given this weekend,  it feels odd to continue blogging out of formality, or worse, in fear of upsetting some of you. It feels necessary to acknowledge the heartache felt collectively. Especially, amongst the LGBQT community.

Though, today felt slightly different than yesterday. As the fog of sadness slipped away for a moment, Peter, the kids and I walked around the city. We ran errands and ate lunch and played particularly heavy for a Monday. And yet, it felt right. In the face of grief, beyond taking some form of action for better laws and reform, it felt right to try and celebrate the breath in our lungs, the concrete beneath our feet, and the noise of the city; simple joys.

And when the apartment grew quiet tonight, Peter and I discussed things parents do. Specifically, how as New Yorkers, we often feel unbiased love comes with being exposed to thousands of unique people every single day. So often, we parents assume by example is the only we our children know how to love. That is a mistake. Whether it be a same sex couple or a Muslim woman or man, it is not only by example our children learn to love unbiasedly,  it is through our words and teachings.

Teach your kids how to love.