My New "It" Lipstick!

posted on: Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Have you ever worn a lipstick that just does it? You're not certain what the it is, but it does it.

The Perfect Sweater

posted on: Tuesday, November 24, 2015

If you've been reading this space for some some time (four years! what the heck?), you've proabably noticed a particular cream sweater pop up in a few style posts. Okay, not a few. Many, style post. I'm not sure where I purchased it or how much it cost me, or what exactly drew me to it. What I do know is this: It was from a thrift store, it's still in great condition, and it's comfortable. These are the factors that keep me holding on to it.

With that said, I can't forget to acknowledge the few reasons why I don't particularly love this sweater; it's a little too long, the sleeves are a little billowy, and the neck is warm, yet, often removes my lipstick. In addition, a little too large in all the wrong places, leaving questionable pouches that lead to suspicious of an early hidden pregnancy. Not the case.

With that said, I still can't get rid of it. Even when I take in account my own rule of purging and re-purchasing. This sweater is of a special circumstance. And I think everyone is allowed one... or a few more. See, to find the perfect fit of a staple sweater, it takes time and effort. It takes purchasing, trying on, comparing, and returning - if need be. And even if I find the perfect one, I know there will be parts of me that gets dressed one cold day, and will long for the billowy sleeves and oversized cowl neck with that extra fabric. So I hold on.

Do you have anything you just can't get rid of?

And speaking of perfect cream chunky sweaters, here are a few that have my eye: a turtleneck sweater, a mock neck sweater,  a classic, and a hand knit hoodie.

A holiday treat:
 Enjoy 25% off your entire purchase with code CAlMDOWN. They're obviously my favorite sweater shop! 

My coat- Petria Lenehan, Dress- Ace & Jig, Boots- Vintage (similar), Headwrap- Block Shop Textiles.

You're Kinda Awesome

posted on: Friday, November 20, 2015

I'm happy to partner with Kind to bring awareness to their new movement; #KINDAWESOME! With the help of me, and hopefully you, we can spot and celebrate kind acts all over. We can all use a little more of that in our lives! Kind, is shining a light on a topic that should already be a natural extension of ourselves, but we often simply forget. We forget about the power we have in each other's lives. I know it can be hard. Life is really full. But simply being aware, can make any one person's day a tad brighter. All of which, sets a chain of small and large kind acts in motion, creating a movement that helps the world be a kinder place.

When participating in this campaign, I recalled several times in which a stranger made me feel good by doing something kind for me. For instance: A few weeks ago I walked into a cafe after a long day. I had little makeup on, and was drained. I needed to get home to relieve our babysitter, but also needed a few minutes to get my mind prepared for our nighttime routine. As I poured sugar in my coffee, and looked down at it longingly and desperately - wanting it all within mere seconds, a stranger came up to me...

A City Girl's Bag

posted on: Thursday, November 19, 2015

It's not just any ole' bag. It's a diaper bag. Armed with wipes, creams, daily distractions, and an extra pair of bottoms for tiny tushes with large accidents. Now, I'm going to sound like a real city girl when I say this: A diaper bag for a New York City mom has to go through a set of vigorous tests for approval. Any city mom for that matter.

Beyond it's functionality, a diaper bag must be able to get a bit dirty around the edges from the day's adventures, whilst, remaining chic for the day's look. It has to go unnoticed while still being a large component of any one day. It needs to do a lot, without looking like a lot.

Though Lily Jade entered the trend of untraditional diaper bags at the nick of time; they continue to set themselves apart from the rest with their practicality, beauty, and attainable price points. Many of their bags go from shoulder to backpack, and will become a purse when that phase of life has passed. With an insert (the baby bag) that has several pockets that are just the right size and located in just the right places, they make city adventures... heck, daily parenting, a breeze.
And this probably goes without saying, but on this particular day, it was raining cats and dogs. It was rather romantic, but I would image not so much for the items in my bag. Lacking an umbrella, I walked around downtown as any mother without children would. I took advantage of the opportunity to have both of my hands free. Rare! The items in my bag remained unscathed. More importantly, even without my kiddos by my side, I still felt like like myself.

What kind of diaper bag do you carry? Now with two kids, I love to wear it as a back pack.

Photography by Belle Savransky for LaTonya Yvette.

This post is in partnership with Lily Jade, long time friends and a brand that I wholeheartedly believe in.