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Have A Fun Weekend!

posted on: Friday, July 22, 2016

How was your week? Didn't it go by SO fast? It feels like we were just greeting it and listing the many things we needed to do. In it's closing, I've only completed about 20% of my list. It was an eventful and exciting week anyway. I even styled the windows at Tictail Market, and hosted a pretty amazing party to celebrate it. Thank you again to all who came and danced with me that night!

It will be hot hot hot here this weekend, so we plan on hitting up the pool first thing in the morning, and then taking it easy. Cleaning, ordering groceries, and going through our stack of junk mail are the few things on my list. I also plan on doing some writing, and will have some more thoughts on motherhood right now for you all to read next week. My friend suggested that I get more videos up, and I would love to. Anything you'd want to hear or questions you have?

P.S I remembered how much I loved double-dutch when I was younger, and now I'm planning a BBQ and double dutch party! We used to tie one end to my grandmother's front gate when we didn't have a third person. I really can't wait. THIS VIDEO too.

Bonus: Nordstrom's anniversary sale is happening through the weekend, if you haven't hopped on over there.

Have a fun one!

Style: The Sandals That Changed My Life

 You've read that correctly...

A Garden Birthday Dinner

posted on: Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Last Sunday, I had a beautiful garden birthday dinner in my backyard. It was full of dear friends and family. Since we moved in only a few months ago, it became a little housewarming party as well. Friends would walk in and peek around and proclaim that we should never leave. ha! I always feel a bit nervous having friends over after I know I'm finished decorating for a while. It's like any project or creative endeavor; I'm always left asking myself if I'm actually ready for the reveal. I realized that no, I won't ever be. But I have to be confident and joyous in the space that I've created and the friends and family that enjoy it with us. 

For the dinner, I asked Chef Deena to create a magical meal for 10. As one of 11, she made a meal for 20, which was fine, because I had 16 guests! The menu for the night was beautiful farm-to-table fresh vegetables and appetizers, wild rice and curry chicken. It was impressive and gorgeous, and Deena is such a beautiful person to be around. Her creations became the decor, and I'm so happy she said yes to catering the dinner. To flow with the overall theme and lush yard, my friend Rawan created a centerpiece and flower crown for me as a sweet gift. Need I say more?

 More photos from the night below...

Have A Fun Weekend!

posted on: Friday, July 15, 2016

What a whirlwind of a week. It's hot and humid here in the city, and I feel like I'm just swampin' around. Today's my birthday! I'm now 27 and I am definitely feeling it. 26 was full of work and changes, and I am going into 27 all the more wiser. I know that wisdom isn't a finish line, it is something that progresses along the way. I'm looking forward to more of it, but maybe even more-so, the events that lead to it all.

In celebration, I went to the Whitney (without the kids), had lunch outside, and an iced coffee in the park. When I came home, Peter ordered pizza for the kids and I for dinner from work, and the kids and I read books and cuddled in bed. Right after they nodded off, there was a surprise flower delivery from Peter, and now he's on his way with Junior's cheesecake! It's truly been a beautiful and peaceful day.

A few things:

+ They dug through my closet and made really pretty things and asked me some questions.

+ Stoop Sale (via Erin)

+ My birthday dress was thrifted. Similar here. 

+ I keep on pinning Brooklyn apartments, I am so obsessed with design lately. Here's a good one!

+ Our NOLA video 

+ I got these shoes. I can't take them off!

+ I'm hosting a Shopping Night Out at TICTAIL next Thursday. My friend Kristin will DJ. It's going to be a lot of fun. I really hope you can make it!

Photo of Eartha Kitt 

Home video From New Orleans! (And A Few More Photos)

posted on: Thursday, July 14, 2016

I can't believe our New Orleans trip has come and gone so fast. Even though we were trying our best to remain in each moment, occasionally, we would whip out the camera and snap a video of something super adorable the kids were doing. The camera is shaky, but the moments make me smile. The video and photos below...