Spring So Far

posted on: Friday, May 22, 2015

Spring, spring in New York City has been wonderful, crazy, inspiring, and an extreme whirlwind. I often find myself shuffling from one meeting to the next. From art class to ballet, and back home for naps. Naps that seem to end before they even begin. It's been the starting point of so many good things. It has also been the grandest farewell to winter's brutality. To be as cheesy as they come; winter was the journey, and spring was the gift. It's been the greatest of gifts; and I am trying to savor every minute and hour of it. I'd like to store it up in my bottle of happy and hold it there. Until next winter, of course.

Spring has taught me more than I expected. Once again, I find myself truly believing in the magic of good people and love. I believe in the magic of New York City again. As a native, this was so very necessary.

Roasted Beet and Walnut Salad

posted on: Thursday, May 21, 2015

My first beet eating memory is of Sunday dinners at my cousin's church. They would have two services, and each Sunday, in-between the two, there was food. Lots of delicious, and lovingly made food. Somehow, beets became a huge part of Sunday dinners.

"Chicken or beef?"
" Everything except the beets, please."

My plate always arrived after the Pastor's plate, and after the elders too. Chicken with everything... and beets. I would mix the beets with my rice to give my rice a pinkish tint and a sweet taste. It was enough to drown out the bang of the beets, and just enough to pump up my rice. It tasted rather lovely smothered in mac and cheese too. But not alone. Not beets.

Beets never seemed too appealing after that. It's not like I didn't like them, it's just that, once I knew I didn't love them, I no longer felt the need to include them in my diet. Which is just silly, I know.

 (The perfect recipe below)

In Our Stroller Basket| Kids

posted on: Tuesday, May 19, 2015

As the heat of summer starts to roll in, and as we spend more and more days out and about, and less of them in our apartment, my stroller basket keeps getting more use. Between parks, meetings, and various play dates uptown and downtown, things happen. Really, anything can happen! Our stroller basket stays stocked with the things we need for it all, and it always makes me feel pretty fantastic in the mom department. There's just something to be said about navigating the city in an organized and prepared manner.

Here's what I'm packing:
1. An extra swimsuit. So, the sprinklers are on! In New York City language, that means legitimate warm weather! Some days we have zero plans to run through water, but we always end up in it somehow. The life of a toddler, it's pretty magical and unexpected. This reminds me of River.
2. When mama's kisses are not enough, this works for all the boo boos. Also, the cutest band aids. 
3. We purchased this hat for Oak last summer when he was a little bean. I love that it folds super duper small, and he can't untie it.
4. Swaddle blankets to shade the sleeping baby from the sun. These have the cutest sayings!
5. Perfect for keeping little tootsies warm when we are out all day and night, and the temperature begins to drop.
6. Hands down, the best mineral based sunscreen. 
7. For bringing home groceries and other random things found and purchased during our excursions.

What is something you must have in your stroller basket for you kids this summer?

STYLE| Overall

posted on: Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The other day, Peter and I had ourselves a little morning date. The date was actually work, but still, a date nevertheless. I've been looking at a few studios here in the city to work from on occasion, and even though I didn't commit to anything on this day, we found one later in the week! Since I had plenty of walking and meeting to do, plus, I would also have to stop home and nurse, I went for a comfy look. 

Granted, these overalls aren't the most flattering, but I still do love them. Now that it's getting warmer, I plan on wearing them with a more simple top, and less match match. ( I didn't realize everything was in the same color pattern until I got home. oops.)

Overalls- Vintage (similar here, here,  these are cute too)| Floral flannel (similar) | Nina Z Clogs